We have 44 lots in our community. Currently, there are around 40 houses that have already been built, with the remaining houses in various stages of design and construction.



International Community

Our community members come from more than 28 countries around the world in search of a better life with a lighter ecological footprint. Over 30 of our families have school age children.


Community School

We own and operate a community school for our children based on connection with nature and the idea that the children’s interests are the best educational guides. Open enrollment.


Fiber-Optic Internet

We have the best internet connection in Costa Rica and are the only development that has it! Working with the national electric company, La Ecovilla pioneered the use of fiber optic as an internet connection in Costa Rica. Speeds of up to 300Mbps download and 100 megabit upload are available. It allows many community members to work remotely from home, as if they were in their home country. 


The BioDigester

Our sewage and black water are processed in a biomass digester that produces methane gas that we plan to bottle as fuel for our communal kitchen and propane kitchen stoves. It is fully operational although we don’t have the bottling compressor and filter yet. 


Our Roads

Our roads are made from 100% recycled plastic. They are a grate-style which allows some water to permeate and be captured in the ground.


Yoga & Movement Space

Our community center has a lovely teak & thatch yoga and movement studio open to all community members.


Community Center & Kitchen

Our community center, known as the Rancho, is a large open-air building made of teak and thatch. It has open wifi internet, electricity, bathrooms, a full kitchen, tables & chairs, and a couple hammocks. 


Chlorine Free pool

Our warmed pool is ultra-low chemical and uses saltwater as the primary agent. It is designed for doing laps and has a kiddie pool on one end for relaxing. 


Organic Permaculture Gardens

We hope to grow the majority of our food from our organic permaculture gardens. The property is already home to hundreds of fruit trees, medicinal plants and vegetables, and every Monday morning each community member gets a share of the weekly garden harvest. 


Craft & Hobby Space

We have two small classrooms that can be used for activities like playing music, making crafts, and having meetings. 


Tilapia Ponds

The community contains 14 ponds, and many of them are stocked with Tilapia fish that we harvest regularly and share among the community. 


Our River

We are located on the beautiful Rio Machuca. The water quality is perfect, and it is surrounded by many old-growth trees and is a wildlife corridor of great value. Howler monkeys regularly use it to travel up and down the river. It’s great for swimming, rock-jumping, and cooling off in the summer, and the quality of the water is as good as any bottled spring water you could buy.

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