Eco Living Investment Group focused on Sustainable investments such as Eco-Luxury, Beach Front properties, Eco Villas, Eco-Friendly Gated Communities in areas where high ecological standard are kept.  

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Costa Rica is a luxury paradise on Earth, nestled in the isthmus between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The soothing atmosphere of this picturesque country filled with lush greenery and vegetation lures people from all around the world to come and invest.


Within the past few years, there has been an influx of investments in Costa Rica’s real estate.



  • Costa Rica is among Latin America’s most preferred destinations for foreign direct investments.  Among the reasons that are that the country provides: An excellent business climate based on a recognized tradition of democracy and economic and political stability.

  • A strong infrastructure:  More than 90% of the country’s energy production comes from renewable resources.

  • A network of free trade agreements that covers eighty-seven percent of Costa Rica’s exported goods.

  • A preferential trade platform that provides access to one-third of the world’s population and two-thirds of global GDP.

  • An enviable quality of life in one of Latin America’s safest countries.

  • ​According to the World Bank, Costa Rica is a success story in terms of its development. Major companies have already invested in Costa Rica, such as Sony, Proctor and Gamble, Baxter, St. Jude Medical, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Dole, IBM, Sikes, Western Union, and others



Eco Living is an eco-friendly real estate investment firm offering an all-encompassing service for investment, purchase, and sale opportunities in Costa Rica.

Eco-Living has acquired over 10 years of real estate investing experience in Costa Rica and has a portfolio scaling over 15 eco-projects in the most desired areas of Costa Rica – encompassing Eco Villages, residential, luxury, and commercial real estate. Eco Living’s experience, expertise, and network of agents within the Costa Rican real estate market make them incomparable for real estate investments from abroad.


Eco Living's team consists of a legal sector which includes; a notary, a lawyer, and a local team that specializes in taxation & Immigration. In addition, Eco-Living has an account manager and a bespoke management sector that specializes in asset management. Having been in the Costa Rican market for over 10 years Eco Living has an enriched experience, knowledge, and a far-reaching network that includes banks allowing the ability to receive high percentage financing as well as strong intermediaries giving Eco Living exclusivity on attractive offers.


The term ‘Eco’ is associated with the Greek word house. Over the years the word has evolved into a term widely used when talking about the environment. Eco-living is not a new concept, it is actually about going back to the basics and letting our world heal from the damage we have already caused it.


Over the last century or so, the boom in population coupled with our selfish ways has caused a lot of damage to our eco-system, unlike our attire that we can constantly change- we cannot change our planet. We only have one planet to call home.

Eco-living is the philosophy of living in harmony with nature. Eco-living is a way of life that helps to support and protect life on earth. Without disturbing the intricate balance created by nature. It is about taking our habitat into consideration while building infrastructure or using energy and the resources available to us. It is about giving back what we have taken from nature. Not wasting, misusing the resources available to us. It also means the proper disposal of the waste we have generated. It is all about sustainable living.


The Principles of Eco-living


Eco-living is based on minimizing waste, limiting the use of Earth’s natural resources, and the wise use of the environment that we. The following 3R’s are the guiding principles that can help make green living a reality:


Use Renewable Resources: Renewable resources are an endless supply of natural resources that can be restocked or made available without hampering the natural ecosystem, such as solar, wind energy.


Make Reuse a habit: Eco-living encourages people to use the things that are reusable, such as water bottles made from reusable materials so that these will not be dumped in nature after use. For instance, metallic water bottles, as these cannot be washed and refilled time and again.


Focus on Recycling: Since eco-living is about living in harmony with our natural environment, it is important to prevent waste and manage garbage. Recycling becomes an important part of people’s lives and they are conditioned to reuse and recycle their waste rather than just dumping them.


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