Casa Leaf – Lot 18



Casa Leaf is a one level house designed by its current owners devoted to nature and permaculture experts.
The house is an idyllic organic residence placed in a strategic part of the lot, offering a unique combination of privacy from adjacent homes and privileged views of its gardens. Encompassing 140 square meters of living space, the home offers an integrated full kitchen, 3 bedrooms, and 2 full bathrooms (one with a huge bathtub), including an office and a laundry space. The interior boasts a clean, versatile aesthetic throughout. A graceful rustic exterior facade showcases a fusion of stucco paint, cultivated wood, and pass-through windows, which bring natural light and ventilation to the whole house. An open floor layout is designed to accommodate various activities, from quiet family time to social gatherings.




La Ecovilla, Alajuela Province, San Mateo
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