Casa Anurati – Lot 33



Casa Anurati is a minimalistic yet very comfortable house built on a hillside surrounded by trees that provide not only fresh breeze and shade but a sense of privacy. This house is sitting within the landscape and in direct contact with its luscious surroundings. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a full kitchen integrated with the living area. Laundry area, storage room and guest house/office with full bathroom on the lower part of the lot (12m2) and solar heater Casa Anurati was built with firm and resistant concrete foundations. This makes this construction a very safe one. Likewise, its modular design offers varied opportunities for expansion creating new spaces that could be easily incorporated to the current structure, making it very efficient in terms of space and distribution
The whole house’s natural lighting is favored by its large windows that bring beauty while providing very good ventilation that makes Casa Anurati a cool house even in the dry season here in Costa Rica. Stone walls and terraces complement the design with pleasant outdoor spaces that give movement and fluidity to the terrain while being useful for different outdoor activities. Using principles and elements of Feng Shui, accompanied by the experience of one of the most recognized Feng Shui teachers in Costa Rica, quartz dust and quartz crystals were incorporated into its construction on all floors, as well as pointed quartz in each of its corners and other special components that make Casa Anurati a very harmonious and balanced house in all its aspects and therefore a very good place to live.




La Ecovilla, Alajuela Province, San Mateo
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